car seat adapters
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car seat adaptors

Easily attach an infant car seat to your Mountain Buggy frame for an effortless transition with your baby. As car seat adaptors are infant car seat and buggy specific, we have created a range of car seat adaptors suitable for each of our buggies.

Please be aware that not all car seat adaptors are available in all locations due to differences in child restraint standards country to country. Refer to our car seat adaptor matrix, or visit your local retailer for availability in your region. Our car seat adaptors are designed to meet relevant buggy safety standards. Learn more about our safety standards and certifications .

Note: We are regularly developing new car seat adaptors to fit other infant car seats, to create more travel system options for our customers.

Unsure which car seat adaptor you need?


car seat adaptors for single buggies 

car seat adaptors for double buggies 

duet™ car seat adaptors
nano duo™ car seat adaptors

duet™ car seat adaptors

nano duo™ car seat adaptors