now reading: The wonder of freedom that a stroller can bring…
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Photo montage of woman running on beach and trails while pushing her child in a terrain™ buggy and followed by family dog - Julia Davis Influencer for Mountain Buggy®

The wonder of freedom that a stroller can bring…

This inspiring ultra runner shares some amazing tips on what to consider when you want to get back into running again – this time with your child ♥
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Upon becoming a new mom, one of the aspects I found the most challenging was losing my freedom to do what I wanted, when it suited me. I found myself torn between frustration and pure guilt in wanting to be doing the hobby I love most, running. Being entirely reliant on my partner or a family member to babysit at times felt claustrophobic. There would be sunny days where I wanted to move faster than a walk, or times when I was itching to break a sweat; so when my son turned 6 months and we could embrace the new world of stroller running, I was ecstatic.

We live in Cornwall in the UK, in a village with no pavements and only bumpy roads so I knew I needed a capable and robust stroller – enter the terrain™! The terrain™ has big wheels to make potholes much less of an issue, giving baby a smooth ride and parents a bit more peace of mind. Adjustable handles I find particularly useful on longer stroller runs to adjust the angle I push at, helping my poor wrists that have much less power than my well-seasoned running legs.female trail runner pushing stroller with baby through forest track - Julian Davis | Mountain Buggy influencer

I often time my stroller runs when there is opportunity to nap, and often within 5-10 minutes my son is fast asleep, so I have appreciated how easily the stroller seat reclines. A comfy baby is definitely happier to sleep for longer! For those occasions where naps aren’t happening though, the terrain™ is awash with pockets primed to carry snacks, toys and even two drinks holders (one for each pilot).

Now we are over a year into our stroller running adventure, I thought I’d share some tips on making a successful stroller run:

1. I’ve learned that the timings have to be right.

He needs to have expended enough energy to happily settle, or our run would ideally coincide with nap time. The nap time runs are the most blissful. I can usually tire him out enough that by 11am we could enjoy a wonderful 90mins of running (*ahem* and walking up hills), even returning with enough time to recover a little in peace.

Mom looking at baby through convenient opening in buggy hood opening - Julian Davis | Mountain Buggy influencer

2. Be prepared with snacks and drinks.

This goes for both parent and baby. For baby, take an array of snacks that are easy to eat and ideally last longer than 30 seconds with no choke-risk in a moving stroller. The terrain™ has the capacity to carry all sorts things and with two drinks holders you can carry a sippy cup and a drinks bottle for you. I didn’t appreciate to begin with just how hard it is pushing a stroller and running, especially living somewhere with no flat parts and I quickly learned that a drink is NEEDED.

3. Take a walk or stand still breaks.

It’s hard work pushing a stroller and there is zero shame in as many breaks as you need. I do find that any time I stop, if my son is sleeping, the stroller cannot stop, so keep it moving back and forth if you want peace!

Mother on beach sand standing next to her 3 wheeled baby stroller - Julian Davis | Mountain Buggy influencer

4. Having the sunshade and the waterproof covers for the terrain™ are essential.

I can run with peace of mind that my son was protected in both the heat and the rain. I use them nearly every time I run with him and as a bonus, they also provide extra ability to catch the toys and snacks that are launched from the moving stroller.

Influencer mom running while pushing her terrain stroller along the beach front - Julian Davis | Mountain Buggy influencer

5. Choose your route carefully.

There have been a few times I’ve chosen an overly ambitious route and regretted it. The terrain™ can handle some pretty rough trails but potholes are just hard to handle and not the best ride for a little one.

6. Make friends with buggies too.

It makes the miles easier, gives babies company when they are aware enough to appreciate another little human, and means you can get some adult conversation in what are often child-led days.

Mom holds baby against hip while sitting at outdoor picnic table after exercise - Julian Davis | Mountain Buggy influencer

To sum it up, I can’t explain how much I enjoy running with my little boy and sharing this journey together. As he grows older, the journey changes and he becomes more like my co-pilot. He even climbs in and tells me it’s time to go running! We have been on so many adventures together: getting caught in the rain, running through the woods, along the coast path, in the blazing summer sun and joining in on some tough parkruns.

Where we live in Cornwall in the UK, there are few “easy” parkrun routes but it’s a whole new level of challenge pushing a stroller. As I heave him up the hill at Trelissick parkrun, I can’t help but laugh as he says “hello” to every single runner, spectator and Marshall. I hope I have instilled a love for running and the outdoors through our stroller adventures, and I’m excited to see how they change and adapt as he gets older.

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