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Navigating Valentine's Day Before and After Parenthood ❤

Ah, Valentine's Day – the day full of love, chocolates dates and flowers. Celebrated by many around the world, Valentine's Day is an excuse for couples to treat themselves to a nice dinner or exchange gifts.
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I personally love to plan to do something with my fiancé, as we both work full time, so we usually go to a nice restaurant and a movie! 💗

What I wonder however, is this day still the same after the arrival of little ones? Does it shift the dynamics too much that it results in parents dropping the day overall?

After being a Nanny for 4 years and having conversations with parents, I discovered what it was like before and after having children when it comes to the romancing department.

Before playdates and bedtime stories, Valentine’s Day was a chance for couples to have time alone AND uninterrupted. Romantic getaways, candlelit dinners were the norm! - it was all about the adults! But fast-forward to the arrival of little ones, suddenly it wasn’t so simple; not just with juggling childcare, but simply, can you even be bothered?

Now, as a Nanny I was often called in on Valentine's Day to babysit in the evening, which allowed the parents to go out on a date. Lucky for some I know, and not every parent can do this! But I do believe if you've got the chance, do take the time to zhoosh up the day! In all honesty, in a perfect world, loving your partner/loved ones is a given and should be acknowledged all the time, but in this modern day and age, day-to-day life gets pretty full, so I think Valentine's Day serves as a reminder for us all to love and appreciate ❤

So, do I believe parents should still celebrate Valentine's Day? You bet!

After talking with a couple of families I used to Nanny for, you can actually get pretty creative, and involve the whole family! Here are some ways to include the little ones if it isn’t possible to take the time alone. It's so cute, I know I will be implementing these activities when I eventually have kids!

  1. Family focused activities: Whether it be a picnic, a family walk, a nice meal at home; including the bubs with what you do on this day of love, will not only allow you to still celebrate Valentine’s Day but to also create some beautiful memories!

  2. Date night, parent style: So, jetting off to a fancy restaurant may be off the cards for some, so why not make a delicious home meal? Pop the kids to bed early, then relish the alone time together!

  3. Gifts: Little one's love seeing their parents excited and happy! So why not include them on choosing a present, wrapping it up and card making. The surprise on Mum or Dad's face with what they have made will be absolute gold!

  4. Heartfelt reflections: Take a moment to reflect on your journey as a family. Look back at those pre-parenting Valentine's Days and appreciate how love has grown and transformed. Parenthood brings a unique kind of magic to relationships, and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate it.

Embrace the new normal, revel in the joy of family love, and know that, yes, you can still celebrate Valentine's Day with all the love in the world. Remember, it's not just about the grand gestures but the simple moments of connection that make Valentine's Day truly special.

Happy Valentine's Day, parents – may your hearts be full, and your days be filled with the sweet chaos of family love! 💕

Sunday x

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